Chiropractic Testimonials

"As always, feeling much better after a brief “adjustment”!"

- Anonymous

"I love the staff at Meyer Chiropractic Center. They have helped change my health and my life."

- Mike W.

"Very impressed with the facility and the employees."

- Anonymous

"A most impressive organization. As a professional and independent business owner I can appreciate the challenges he has faced in developing the smooth running office he has. His people are pleasant, professional and enthusiastic about the tasks they perform. He offers the ultimate treatment opportunity for your health and quality of life."

- E.B.

"Great care and they listen to what is bothering you and help."

- L.S.


- L.C.

"Always amazing! Very quick, personable, and always able to find those spots that are giving you trouble and fix them up!"

- S.O.

"My neck pain has completely subsided. I have moved into the monthly adjustment phase of my treatment and I continue to be extraordinarily satisfied. I could not be more pleased with the service and treatment I have received at Meyer Chiropractic Center."

- C.M.

"Both docs are great they listen and afterwards you feel great!!"

- L.S.

"My monthly “Tune Up” keeps me going"

- B.M.

"As always very good service and yes to all of the questions below"

- C.S.

"Very pleasant team and excellent service with knowledgeable Dr ‘s."

- Anonymous

"Great Drs. & very pleasant staff"

- C.B.

"Very caring staff… Explained it all very well"

- L.S.

"Well taken care of by both doctors and help me with my body problems. Thank Meyer Chiropractic Center"

- M.K.

"I always feel welcomed and the procedures make me walk better with a lot less pain."

- L.M.

"Top notch; first class service from start to finish. I was one doctor’s visit away from neck surgery when I decided to give Dr. Paul a try. Just a few short months later my neck is pain free with lots of mobility. Dr. Paul and his staff are second to none. They are sharp and professional but also kind and courteous. It is a pleasure to have an appointment at their clinic. I recommend Meyer Chiropractic Center above all others."

- C.M.

"Always great coming in. Ol Doc Meyer is very knowledgeable & takes great care of his patience."

- B.D.

"As always, you all make me feel good."

- D.

"The entire staff was excellent! The ladies were all professional and kind. I felt extremely comfortable and in great hands."

- K.M.

"This Practice has kept me feeling good for well over 20 years. I heartily recommend it to anyone needing chiropractic care."

- D.B.

"Always great care, friendly and fun."

- M.I.

"I love coming to Meyer Chiropractic for my monthly adjustment because I walk out feeling great! The staff is warm, friendly, helpful, and genuinely concerned about their patients. I won’t go anywhere else for my chiropractic needs!"

- S.K.

"Outstanding staff and Care! I would never go any where else."

- J.T.

"Was able to get an Appointment the same day and The Staff was Very Friendly."

- M.G.

"Everyone is always friendly, they know & call you by your name. Both doctors are great. Best clinic ever!"

- K.C.

"Monthly “Tuneup” keeps me from having back surgery"

- B.M.

"Everyone there is amazing & I always feel so much better after. I love the whole experience every time I go."

- J.M.

"Everyone was really nice and professional. I was very comfortable as a patient."

- D.J.

"Meyer staff are always friendly, helpful, and dedicated to great service."

- S.M.

"Solved my back and neck issues. So glad I went to them. Thank you."

- J.E.

"Friendly staff. Informative and able to provide clarity regarding medical concerns."

- A.Q.

"I have been going to Dr. Meyer/Dr. Fogle for some time now, and I will tell you, you will not find any better doctors than those two. I walk out of there with a happy body, because after getting my monthly adjustment, I am more flexible. I will admit, it took me a while to be convinced that they could help me, but once they did, I was sure glad I stayed with them. Also, the staff is professional, friendly and always smiling and laughing. I would recommend anyone to give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!"

- D.V.

"They did a great job of fixing my neck issue which was causing my shoulder and arm pain."

- D.B.

"Very good, been a patient of Dr. Meyer for years and pleased with staff and doctor"

- C.S.

"I was extremely nervous to make an appointment to see a chiropractor about my back. My brother constantly says good things about this place so I tried it out. Luckily and obviously, I was worried for no reason. Everybody was so friendly and informative. I can’t wait to return to get my back finally fixed!"

- Anonymous

"Exceptional service every time! Love all the staff like my family!!!!!!"

- D.F.

"I took my daughter to Meyers’ for a herniated disc and while they worked on her I thought maybe they could help me with my back too. My left leg goes to sleep if I am standing or walking more than 20 minutes. They did a full scan of my back and we sat down to see what they could do for me too. We tried the adjustments and they followed up every time I came in, and they found it wasn’t doing enough so they switched me to the DRX Machine to stretch the bulging disc more specifically. We didn’t see a lot of improvement there either. Because the doctors check every time I go in and realized this, they again adjusted the machine and it worked. I could stand longer and longer without my leg going to sleep. I have to do my part too. Strengthen my muscles around the back and go in now once a month for an adjustment. I tried to skip the maintenance and then showed up at an event they threw, and was adjusted, after months and I felt incredible. I never miss my maintenance appointment now. They still ask and keep up with how I am doing every time. They really want you to feel better and if you communicate and do your part, they totally do theirs."

- L.S.

"Great experience"

- Anonymous

"I’m always well taken care of. Excellent service, no wait times"

- L.Z.

"Awesome experience!!!!"

- Anonymous

"What else is there to say.. I love My Chiro!"

- D.L.

"The staff is very efficient an cordial. Waiting time was nothing at all. Great people ."

- R.B.

"I am really glad to have a monthly “Tune Up” for my spine. Sure helps to keep me athletically active (5 games of softball a week) at over 70 years of age."

- B.M.

"My experience could not have been better. I could not be more pleased. My neck pain is now completely gone and I have a good set of practices to keep it painless and mobile. The staff is world class and all are incredibly nice and polite. It was a joy to come to the clinic. I look forward to continuing my monthly treatments well into the future. My hat is off to Dr. Meyer for creating such a wonderful clinic."

- C.M.

"Always prompt and effective treatment with a friendly staff"

- Anonymous

"I always leave feeling better than when I came in. Thanks for taking the extra time to check out my skiing injury."

- S.K.

"Excellent care minimal wait time cheerful staff highly competent Doctor. The best . Treating me for 25 years."

- D.B.

"The entire staff was warm and welcoming. Had some questions on billing and was completely satisfied with the assistance I received."

- J.M.

"Friendly staff always seems glad to see me. Very courteous an accommodating. Dr. Fogle is the best and shows sincere interest in me and my wellness. Thank you MCC!!!"

- T.W.

"I have been a beneficiary of the services of the Meyer Chiropractic Center for about 3 years. They have helped me reduce or eliminate pain caused by bulging discs. The staff is very competent and friendly with almost a family atmosphere. I highly recommend their services to anyone suffering from pain caused by spinal issues."

- D.S.

"Excellent staff at your office !!!!"

- Anonymous

"Professional chiropractic practice where they are all very friendly and courteous. Get straight to the point of your pain and correct it. I feel a lot better each time I go in and would highly recommend it to anyone having issues with their spine."

- Anonymous

"I was a little skeptical about chiropractic care in the beginning but after treatment I feel so much better than I have ever felt! Thank you to the doctors and staff for being so helpful!"

- Anonymous

"The doctors and staff are so wonderful at Meyer Chiropractic. They work their hardest to take care of you!"

- Anonymous

"I have been a patient of Meyer Chiropractic Center since moving to Texas in 2001, and always found them to be friendly, helpful and most of all caring. Somehow they cater to my hectic schedule and find a way to see me when I am in need. Great people, and great care!"

- M.K.

"Really great people"

- D.T.


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