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Dr. Paul Meyer provides chiropractic care with clinical excellence, in Arlington.  Our team is here to help.


Don't take our word for it, hear what our patients have to say.  Our goal is top notch chiropractic care.


Our team is here to answer all your questions. Contact us today to see how we can help you get your life back. 

Chiropractor Arlington TX

Want to know the best kept secret in Arlington, Texas? Sure you do. It’s a place where people, just like you, go to get their life back. A place where the doctors look for the cause of your condition. Not just covering up symptoms.

Because our Arlington chiropractors know that by treating the cause of your problem, you’ll get the best long term results. The good news about this secret is … you’re on their web site. That’s right!

Meyer Chiropractic Center has been the best kept secret in Arlington Texas for over 30 years. Imagine the skill necessary to treat spine and joint pain without drugs and without surgery! And we do it day in and day out. Week after week, month after month and year after year. Thousands and thousands of people with the same complaints you are experiencing now.

We’re glad you found us. Welcome to our world where we’re here to help you get back to normal.

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Meyer Chiropractic Center


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Meyer Chiropractic Center
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We concentrate our efforts on spine and joint care. Especially spinal disc conditions. If you have back or neck pain we are the place you need to be.

Getting you out of pain is not really the difficult part. Keeping you out of pain is! 84% of people who have a back problem, will have it again within a year. We know that, and we address that in your treatment. The “Meyer System for Spinal Rehabilitation” was designed to prevent recurrence. Created by Dr. Meyer, this program will help strengthen the weakened areas of your spine. Once strengthened, your life can remain normal.


In 1985, when we first opened our practice, Cooper street was just two lanes. The closet grocery store was on Arkansas lane. It was a more rural area then. A lot of changes have occurred since that time.

A lot has changed in chiropractic care too. Back then, a herniated disc meant surgery, not anymore today. We’ve saved so many people from having surgery. One patient that comes to mind we kept him from having surgery on his low back and kept him that way for over 30 years.

Another neck patient had her surgery scheduled for Thursday. She came to us two days before her surgery date. We discussed her options and she chose to wait on the surgery and receive our treatment. That was over 15 years ago and still no surgery.


In Arlington, Texas we treat a variety of spine and joint problems. And with so many years of experience, you can rest assured we’ve successfully treated your same condition. As a matter of fact, if you have back or neck pain and the pain travels down into your arms or legs, we’ve probably treated that condition thousands of times!

We know why you hurt when you get out of bed in the morning and then your pain gets better as the day goes on. We also know why you may feel “ok” when you get up, but as the day progresses you begin to hurt. We know the real cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and if your elbow hurts, we know why that little strap you put there is a waste of money.

We know why you have foot pain (Plantar Fasciitis) and why you’re not getting better. That pain you have in your knee, by the knee cap, we know the exercises you need to do to correct that.

If you have pain in your spine or joints, Meyer Chiropractic Center is the place you need to be.





Frequently Asked Questions
About Chiropractors in Arlington

1. How does chiropractic care help?

At Meyer Chiropractic Center in Arlington, Texas, we concentrate on correcting the cause of your pain.

Using Chiropractic manipulation to improve the movement of the joint reduces inflammation and pain. That’s why Chiropractic works,


… at our office, we not only improve joint movement, we also concentrate on the cause of your back or neck problem… The reason your joints don’t move well. Before the bones of your spine stop moving, the disc has to breakdown first. Treating your spinal discs in addition to improving movement is just one of the ways we have to “Keep” you feeling better, longer.

2. I didn’t hear a sound. Does that mean the Adjustment didn’t work?

The noise you hear during an adjustment is just gas releasing from the joint. Much the same way that taking the top off a soda bottle causes a popping sound as the carbonation is released. Sometimes the noise is loud, sometimes not at all. The noise really has no bearing on the amount of movement or how well the joint was adjusted. So if you don’t hear the noise, it doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing happened.

3. Does insurance cover chiropractic visits?

Most insurance covers some portion of your Chiropractic care. Unfortunately, times have changed. The insurance companies are paying less and covering less with each passing year. No matter what doctor you go to, Medical, Dentist, etc you will end up paying more out of your pocket than you expected. The idea is to keep you healthy enough so when something does happen, you’ll need less treatment and bear less cost. Periodic treatments from our office can keep you moving better and put off that joint surgery or keep you off drugs for years.

4. How safe is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is one of the safest forms of treatment to restore function to your body. If you consider that that over the counter non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (Advil, Tylenol, Aleve) cause over 16,000 deaths a year and a RAND study reports that there is one chance out of a million that you may die from chiropractic treatment, puts this into perspective. Your chances of being killed in an automobile accident is much higher, 1 in 77.Yet you probably drive every day. Chiropractic care is very safe.

5. Is chiropractic care safe while I’m pregnant?

Not only is it safe, but in my experience, it can even help the pregnancy. Many years ago, I had a pregnant woman who came to our office. Previously she had two miscarriages. We treated her through her entire pregnancy and she delivered a healthy baby. Coincidence? Maybe? Then, a couple of years later, she returned, and again was pregnant. She had another miscarriage since she was last treated. We treated her through her pregnancy again and she delivered a healthy baby. Two courses of treatment during pregnancy delivered two healthy babies. It is safe.

6. Can I become addicted to Chiropractic Adjustments?

No. It’s not a drug and there is no psychological addiction. Just because you had one treatment, doesn’t mean you are destined to a lifetime of treatments. Like brushing your teeth. Once you brush your teeth, you don’t become addicted to it. But you do it twice a day because you want your teeth to last.

You will want to get periodic treatments from us because you want your spine to last.

7. Is Chiropractic safe for children?

Yes. From the trauma’s of going through the birth canal to the time your child is 18, they will have over 2500 falls. Meyer Chiropractic care during childhood may help prevent a lifetime of back or neck problems.

8. How much schooling does a Chiropractor have?

The college requirement for most Chiropractic Schools is the same as their Medical counterparts. The coursework is also similar. Chiropractors spend more time in reading X-ray and other areas of study, but less course time in pharmaceuticals.

9. Can I see a Chiropractor if I’ve had back surgery?

Yes. We have treated many patients who have had one form of spine or joint surgery. The surgery may fix your immediate problem, but many times it alters the overall function of your spine. Other areas of your back now become a concern. Up to 46% of patients will have a failed back surgery. We offer a very good solution to patients who have had previous surgeries.

10. How Long Will it Take to Work?

Everyone responds differently depending on the severity of your condition. Here are some basic timeframes.

Disc conditions take 90 days to heal. If you are being treated for a spinal disc condition and you are beyond 90 days and still hurting, then you need to call us. 817 468-7246

Most spinal conditions should improve by the fourth week of treatment to at least 50%. I had a patient with two herniated discs whose appointment with the neurosurgeon was five weeks away. We had her pain free in three weeks. Most spinal conditions should be noticeably better in the first four weeks.